How to Remote Edit Files on Raspberry Pi Using VS Code

Set up an remote file editing on your Raspberry Pi

Sara Raap-van Bussel

2 minute read

If you have a headless (no screen, no keyboard, no mouse) Raspberry Pi, you can use an SSH session and a command line text editor like Nano to edit your code files. However, using a real code editor like VS Code always works better. A good solution is to use rmate and a plugin in VS Code to open remote files in VS code and edit them using your preferred setup and plugins.

How to set up Magic Mirror on a Raspberry Pi

Set up a home dashboard solution on your Raspberry Pi

Sara Raap-van Bussel

3 minute read

As my entry to the challenge (see my earlier post) I am going to create a home dashboard. I want a screen in our living room that displays relevant information for our family. Things like our calendar’s, the weather, trash days, commute information etc. I looked at several solutions, but due to its extensibility I chose Magic Mirror.