Hi, I’m Sara.

I’m a

  • reader | crafter (cross stitcher | knitter | crocheter) | boardgamer | websurfer | collector | programmer
  • Bettehead | Whovian
  • software tester

from The Netherlands.

Here you’ll find my collected works. From articles I have written in a professional capacity (in Dutch), to book reviews and books read, to crafting updates. Not updated regularly, but I hope interesting nonetheless.

And about the name… At first I was a fan of the tv show The Nanny. And then I became a fan of Bette Midler, the Divine Miss M is her alter-ego. Just when I was first becoming active online these two fandoms came together in “divinenanny”. Because it’s a screenname only in use by me, and it’s always available I kept it. So if you see divinenanny somewhere online, it’s more than likely me.

Find my resume here.