Macramé for the Home Décor by Samantha Grenier

  • Read in: English
  • Rating: “****-”


Note: I received an Advance Reading Copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

My mom is the one who started me on my crafty journey. Back in the seventies macramé was the way to decorate your home, and these past years it has been making a come back. All my own books, gotten second-hand, are from decades ago, and the style is a bit… old-fashioned shall we say? When this book about macramé came up for review on NetGalley I couldn’t resist because I hoped for more up to date projects.

The book, written by Samantha Grenier, starts with information about tools and materials. She has some good tips about what kinds of materials you can use, and even how you can make some yourself. She then moves on to a long, detailed section explaining the knots, hitches and braids. Then it is time for the projects. The projects are separated into four sections: Home Décor, Mats, Plant Hangers and Wall Hangings.

The projects are described really well, including any other materials you might need. One aspect I really like is that Grenier uses Ikea as a starting point for a lot of the projects. This make it easy to replicate the projects because most, if not all items will be widely available wherever an Ikea is found. Some projects are very modern, like the redone Poang chair and the chamber screen. Some project are macramé classics, like the plant hanger in lots of variations and the wall hangings. Most wall hangings are a bit too seventies for me, but one I really liked and probably will replicate are the banners. Having permanent banners is always nice for birthdays and parties, and these are something different from the fabric ones you usually see.

The projects are very well illustrated with drawings for the patterns (I find drawings always work better than photographs when working with knots) and pictures of the finished projects. Each project has a level of complication between 1 and 3, estimated working time, finished size, cords used and other supplies used.

This is a very nice, modern Macramé book. Good for people new to the craft, but it also has some interesting projects for those crafters like me who already have a lot of books with the basic knots. Because some projects are still a bit too old fashioned to me, I give this book four out of five stars.